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Monomyth Coffee Co

Alto San Juan Microlot - Costa Rica, Tarrazu

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Origin // Costa Rica
Region // Tarrazu

Farm // Alto San Juan - Microlot

Variety //  Catuai

Elevation // 1600 masl

Process // Red Honey

Flavor Notes // Cherry Jam, Toffee, Dark Rum

Espresso Preparation // 18 grams in, 42 grams out, 27 - 29 seconds

Coffee Preparation // 1:17 Coffee to Water Ratio

Our current Legendary Collection Coffee comes to us from Costa Rica. It is a Red Honey processed coffee that boasts notes of cherry jam, toffee, and dark rum. We selected this coffee because it had such vivid flavors that are sure to be enjoyed.

"Alto San Juan Micromill is owned by an intrepid young producer named Diego Abarca, who took a plot of land from his family's farm, given to him by his father, and transformed it into a successful business as a coffee producer in his own right. His yields have grown every year, and it has allowed him to attempt more experimentation in addition to having tighter quality control: Diego has been at the forefront of coffee processing, now doing many different processes for his coffees." (Source: Cafe Imports)