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Monomyth Coffee Co

Ethiopia - Goro Muda, Lot #2

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Origin // Ethiopia

Region //  Guji

Farm // Goro Muda, Lot 2

Variety //  Heirloom

Elevation //  2100-2300 masl

Process // Natural

Flavor Notes // Blueberry, Vanilla Wafers, Port

Espresso Preparation // 18.5 grams in, 44-46 grams out, 26 - 30 seconds

Coffee Preparation // 1:17 Coffee to Water Ratio


This coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia impressed us from the start! It has all of the notes you would hope to find in a natural processed coffee from Ethiopia, and then some!! We taste warm blueberry muffins, vanilla custard, and a winey complex finish that leaves you longing for the next sip! We highly recommend giving this one a try. This is quickly becoming a staff favorite!