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Monomyth Coffee Co

Ethiopia - Kebado

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Origin // Ethiopia

Region //  Sidama

Farm // Kebado Washing Station

Variety //  Heirloom

Elevation // 1200-2100 masl

Process // Natural

Flavor Notes // Cocoa Nibs, Luxardo Cherry, Sweet Finish

Espresso Preparation // 18 grams in, 40 grams out, 29 - 31 seconds

Coffee Preparation // 1:17 Coffee to Water Ratio


Have you ever had a really nice cocktail at a fancy bar with a Luxardo Cherry in it? That is what this coffee reminds us of.. It shares sweet notes of cocoa nibs, cherry and sweet nougat or caramel with some light lemon zest slipping through on the back end. This coffee hailing from the Kebado Washing Station in Sidama Ethiopia and it is sure to satisfy any and all that are wanting that quintessential natural Ethiopian cup... you know what we're talking about.