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Monomyth Coffee Co

Uteuzi Jimbo AA - Nyeri, Kenya

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Origin // Kenya
Region // Nyeri

Farm // Uteuzi Jimbo - AA

Variety //  Baitan, SL28, SL34

Elevation // 1500-1800 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Dark Caramel, Lemon Drop Candy, Balanced

Espresso Preparation // 18 grams in, 42 grams out, 27 - 29 seconds

Coffee Preparation // 1:17 Coffee to Water Ratio

This AA Kenya is a welcome addition to our Legendary Collection of Coffees. The coffee is washed processed and boldly exhibits notes of dark caramel, lemon drop candy, and finished with impeccable balance.

"Nyeri is situated between Mt. Kenya and the Aberadare Mountains, creating a perfect geographic and climactic area for coffee production. This area is historically the center of Kenya's coffee production due to the rich soil and fresh water moving through the area from the mountains. This region is home to the Kikuyu people, who have resided between the mountains for centuries. This area is rich with forests, wildlife, eucalyptus, bamboo, and rainforests."